Design that works

by Sharon

Last year, our Singapore studio relocated to a new purpose built space. The aim was to provide our staff with a creative environment befitting an architecture practice, designed with the latest workplace trends in mind. 

We wanted to use our studio move as a catalyst. What could we change about our working practices to help retain and develop our staff? How could we create an environment that would help us to deliver a better service to our clients?

A lot of current workplace thinking is focused on creating vibrant ‘lifestyle environments’. However, we did not want to do the clichéd thing of just adding some soft furnishings or games tables as many do. It was important to consider what would make a successful creative environment tailored to the way we work. It also offered an opportunity to showcase our work and talents to clients, colleagues and potential staff.

Design first

Design is at the heart of everything we do. Our new space promotes creativity and collaboration. Both are essential, integral parts of our work. Our new space is larger and more representative of a fully-fledged design studio. It includes a variety of spaces that support the different ways in which we work and provides an inspirational backdrop for our activities.

It cannot be emphasised enough how important it is for people to work in the right environment. The changes we have made alongside the move have had an amazing effect on the studio’s atmosphere and the quality of our design work has taken a step forward.

Collaborative working in Broadway Malyan’s Singapore studio

Our focus on creating a fantastic workspace informed everything; choices of furniture, the layout of desks, inclusion of a variety of activity based work settings, the integration of quality technology to support our international work, and the selection of our new address, with a bright, spacious studio with amazing views high on our list of requirements.

Although improved technology was one of our considerations, we have not forgotten traditional approaches to design. While we have invested in virtual reality and 3D printing, we have ensured that there are large spaces for drawing and, for the first time, we have an in-house model studio. Together, these all provide a diverse range of options, both tactile and digital, that help us to bring our clients’ visions to life and communicate the rigour that goes into every design we do.

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